Company Filmvergnuegen

Peter Trenkwalder, 45, married, is an entrepreneur living in South Tyrol. He holds a Master in Management (MIM) from the University of Salzburg. His companies are Trenkwalder & Partner - Dach & Fassade, a roof and façade builder founded in 1974, Skytrek high ropes course in Sterzing and Trenkwalder & Partner - Film Service Production, which has been providing service production and services for film productions in South Tyrol since 2009. So far, over 25 film projects have been successfully completed. Since 2017, together with his wife Monika Reinthaler, he has been directing the film production Filmvergnuegen, with which she is currently working on the film projects CRESCENDO #makemusicnotwar and SPRITE SISTERS as co-producers. Further film projects are under development.

Company profile

The South Tyrolean production company Filmvergnuegen was founded in 2017. Owner and Managing Director Peter Trenkwalder runs the company together with his wife Monika Reinthaler and previously participated in a large number of film projects shot in South Tyrol as a service producer. In 2018 Filmvergnuegen realized three first own projects as producer, partly as co-producer. The company has further film projects under development which will be implemented over the next few years. They strives to grow step by step in the future. Due to the close cooperation with CCC Film Art Berlin, Blue Eyes Fiction Munich and EPO Film Vienna, this wish is goning to be possible. The strengths of the company are international networks in various sectors as well as the diversity of the group of companies, Trenkwalder & Partner, Skytrek High Ropes Course and Trenkwalder & Partner - Film Service Production. The different pillars provide movie enjoyment the necessary independence and are a guarantee for stable, sustainable and meaningful growth in the film industry.


Good stories have the power to answer the questions of how to live and in which society we want to live. They are value discourses. Without this characteristic as value discourse, they remain superficial, meaningless, and, above all, ineffective sequences of events and actions of one-dimensional and boring protagonists.



We have set ourselves the task of telling stories in the form of moving pictures. It has always been the stories that take people out of their everyday lives for a moment, they kidnap you into another world, show them what is possible.




We regard this as our task, our challenge



That's what we love


Peter Trenkwalder & Monika Reinthaler

Filmographie (Selection)

2019 "CRESCENDO #makemusiknotwar", int. Motion picture, a.o. with Peter Simonischeck, Bibiana Beglau, Daniel Donskoy, Sabrina Amali, Mehdi Meskar; Regie Dror Zahavi - in Co-Produktion with CCC-Filmkunst, Dr. Alice Brauner, MZ-Film, Michael Zechbauer.


2019 "SPRITE SISTERS - vier zauberhafte Schwestern", int.Motion picture, a.o. with Katja Riemann, Gregor Blóeb, Hedda Erlebach; Regie: Sven Unterwaldt - in Co-Produktion with Blue Eyes Fiction, Corinna Mehner; Walt Disney Germany.


2018 "Rivalen & Rebellen" TV series, a.o. with Nicolo Pasetti, Andreas Hartner, Rafael Haider, Angelo Konzept; Regie: Oliver Sommer - in Co-Produktion with AVA Studios Berlin, Oliver Sommer.


2017 "Das Wunder von Wörgl", dt. Motion picture a.o. Karl Markovics, Verena Altenberger, Aaron Friesz, Harald Windisch, Gerhard Liebmann; Service Produktion - EPO Film Wien.


2017 "Der Trafikant", dt. Motion picture a.o. Simon Morzé, Johannes Krisch, Bruno Ganz, Emma Drogunova, Regina Fritsch; Service Produktion - Glory Film - EPO Film.


2017 "Burg Schreckenstein 2", dt. Motion picture a.o. with Henning Baum, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Sophie Rois; Regie Ralf Huettner - Service Produktion - Roxy Film München.


2017 "Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten", int. Motion picture, a.o. with Jürgen Vogel, Anja Kling, Hedda Erlebach; Regie Wolfgang Groos - Service Produktion - Blue Eyes Fiction München.


2016 "Landkrimi - Endabrechnung", TV-Thriller a.o. with Robert Palfrader, Tobias Moretti; Regie Umut Dag - Service Produktion - Allegro Film Wien.


2015 "Burg Schreckenstein 1", dt. Motion picture a.o. with Henning Baum, Sophie Rois, Harald Schmidt;Regie:

Ralf Huettner - Service Produktion - Roxy Film München.


2015 "Wie Brüder im Wind", int. Motion picture a.o. with Jean Reno, Tobias Moretti, Manuel Chamaco; Regie: Gerardo Olivares - Service Produktion - Terra Mater Factual Studios - Red Bull Media House.


2015 "Maikäfer flieg", int. Motion picture a.o. with Ursula Strauss, Konstantin Khabensky, Krista Stadler; Regie Mirjam Unger - Service Produktion - KGP Film Wien.